Publishing build artifacts from Azure VSTS(DevOps) to OneDrive

Steps below will allow you to publish contents of your Azure VSTS (DevOps) Repo to Sharepoint online and by proxy to OneDrive as well.

There is no built-in task available in either build or release pipeline to push files to OneDrive so solution below relies on Azure Logic Apps to perform those functions.

Overall flow is below

  1. Azure DevOps completes build which packages code in ZIP file as build artifact
  2. Azure DevOps project calls Azure Logic App webhook 
  3. Azure Logic App retrieves results of build task and extracts to Sharepoint online documents folder

Steps in detail:

Create build pipeline in Azure Devops

Yaml file as well as UI representation is below. It packages files in scripts folder into ZIP file into subfolder called Powershell Scripts

vmImage: Hosted VS2017
task: CopyFiles@2
displayName: 'Copy Files to: $(build.artifactstagingdirectory)'
SourceFolder: scripts
TargetFolder: '$(build.artifactstagingdirectory)'
task: PublishBuildArtifacts@1
displayName: 'Publish Artifact: Powershell Scripts'
ArtifactName: 'Powershell Scripts'
view raw build.yaml hosted with ❤ by GitHub


Create Azure LogicApp

Define a trigger of HTTP request type. Use following Request Body Schema. You can download schema from here

Save trigger which will give you HTTP Post URL which you would need to use later in Azure DevOps project

Since you might have more then 1 build in your Azure Devops pipeline you need to have conditional logic in your LogicalApp to only publish on results of specific buildID.

Second step in LogicApp is “Condition” based on definition id number of your build. In my case it’s 5


Next steps are initialize 2 variable. First one will be holding buildID number as well authorization information for AzureDevops.

To create Authorization token you need to create PAT token in AzureDevops and encode :{token} into Base64. For example if my PAT token is a123 then go to and encode value of :a123 into OmExMjM=

Add Send an HTTP Request to Azure Devops as next step and modify parameters respectively for your values. Output of this step will allow to get URL to download artifact.

Add 2 steps to parse JSON and extract value of downloadURI. Schema can be download from here

Last 3 steps are downloading artifact from URL and extracting it to Sharepoint site

Add webhook to AzureDevops

Go to project settings and add a service hook

Enter webhook URI you get in previous steps for LogicApp

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