Enabling Remote App on VMBus connected VM

Steps below will allow you to use RemoteApp connection (where your remote application will appear as stand alone application instead of entire desktop for remote desktop connection) over VMBus connection on local machine. This allows you to connect to instances of your VMs which are on segregated network or for that matter completely disconnected. Steps below were performed on Windows 10 client OS connecting to Windows 10 client OS running inside Hyper-V on the same machine.

Here is current Hyper-V state of my workstation


  • Login into your VM and create registry settings as below which will allow powershell.exe to be launched as remote app remotely


  • Create RDP file like below. Replace GUID in first line with output of powershell command Get-VM above
  • Launch your RDP file as usual. First password prompt is for your desktop and second one will be for actual VM


Your will see powershell window launched as remote app (which will be indicated with overlay icon in your taskbar


Once your have window running you can create child processes by just launching them from powershell prompt with start command like start cmd.exe or start notepad.exe which will launch those 2 instances on your desktop as a separate applications.


You still have full access to normal RDP functions like shared clipboard, printers etc as well but has advantage of multi-monitor support and additional real estate support since you are only desktop space for applications you need and nothing else




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