Storing arbitrary text file in Azure Key Vault as secrets (SSH keys, CER files etc)

Azure KeyVault provides auditable, RBAC controlled access to Azure primitive like secrets which by default usually a simple string consisting of password or connection string and similar.

It’s possible to store complete text files in secrets which is useful if you want to store SSH keys and such and still have all the benefits of Azure Key Vault.

Powershell way

To store any text file in AzureKeyVault secret Set-AzureKeyVaultSecret cmdlet shall be used and contents of the file shall be passed as SecureString to SecretValue parameter.

For example following powershell script will store file rootCA.cer file as secret in Vault

To retrieve it we can use help of PSCredentialObject to convert securestring to plaintext and save it as a file.

You can save it then to file system and have identical certificate to then one which is uploaded

[PSCredential]::new(“user”,(Get-AzureKeyVaultSecret -Name rootca -VaultName MyKeyVault).SecretValue).GetNetworkCredential().Password | out-file ‘c:\test\retrieved.cer’ -Encoding utf8

Azure CLI way

Somewhat easier way to perform entire manipulation can be done with Azure CLI

To upload secret

To download secret

PS C:\>az keyvault secret download –name rootca –vault-name mykeyvault –file C:\test\retrieved.cer

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