Extending system partition on Windows 2003

Below is set of steps which can be taken to extend system partition on Windows 2003. It will require 2 downloads so if you don’t have Internet connection from target computer download them separately.


This is starting configuration. Basic disk with 2 partitions.

1. Add new HDD to target computer (virtual or physical one). Virtual one obviously would not require reboot and will show up in disk management.

2. Initialize new Disk
3. Convert new disks to Dynamic
4. Mirror second partition to new drive

5. After mirroring is complete. Right click on partition of old drive and select “Break Mirror”. This shall result in disk with old letter (D in this case) to be on secondary disk and old disk getting new drive letter (F in this case)
6. Delete extra disk (F). You will notice that you can not extend system partion message if you would try to extend it.
7. To use Dell extend partition tool we have to convert disk back to Basic. Hex Disk Editor from link in the start of the article would have to be used. Go to options and uncheck “Open Disk as readonly by default” and then go to Extras/Open Disk… and open Physical Disks/Hard Disk 1
Find row 1C0 and change all numbers in column 02 from  42 to 07 (that’s the difference between dynamic and basic disk believe it or not). First disk has 2 partitions so there are 2 numbers 42 and both needs to be changed to 07.
Schedule to run “chkdsk c: /f” on next reboot and start a reboot
8. After reboot you will see something like below. Old disk will marked as offline. Delete volume on that disk and remove it after that. Also delete extra volume at the end of disk 1 to have empty space to expand to.
9. Extend partition with disk tool from Dell at the start of the article. (Do not use “extend” option in disk menu since it’s not actually extending disk in Windows 2003 but creates a new volume and spans them accross partitions). 
You shall have system volume extended now.

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